Import, Extract, and Analyze Tinder Data

Tinder is the most popular dating app in the USA, with over 75 million users worldwide. Despite the app’s security measures, like offering criminal background checks on users, some crimes have been linked to this dating app.

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Tinder Forensics

Current Supported Extraction Methods in Oxygen Forensic® Detective

  • Extraction from Apple iOS and Android devices
  • Extraction from the cloud via login credentials, phone number, or token extracted from a mobile device.


New Supported Methods

Oxygen Forensic® Detective has introduced a new Tinder extraction method. Investigators can import and parse Tinder archives that can be downloaded according to the instructions on the Tinder website.


Import Tinder data into Oxygen Forensic® Detective

To import a Tinder archive, click the relevant option under ‘Downloaded accounts data’ on the Home screen and follow the instructions of our Import Wizard.

Screenshot of user on Oxygen Forensic® Detective start screen and choosing to import Tinder data

Evidence sets may include the following categories:

  • Media
  • Messages
  • Swipe Notes
  • Purchases
  • Spotify
  • Swipe Party
  • Usage
  • Campaigns
  • Experiences
  • Rooms and Interactions


Screenshot of view of all imported data from Tinder

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