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A letter from our valued customer, Swiss Security Solutions

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I’ve been using Oxygen Forensic® Detective a few years already mostly because I needed forensic analysis of the mobile devices in my work. While I was thinking which of the most respected brands to choose and based on my personal testing results and a advice from one of my friend with greater experience in digital forensics I chose Oxygen Forensic® Detective because I think it offers the best results for the invested funds in the area I need. I had a need for the software which wasn’t too complicated, with simple interface and whose operations I could learn in short time. The free webinars in the user area were more than enough to master the basic functions and learning things to please the requests of my clients by myself.

I needed a software which is able to retrieve most of deleted messages in numerous messenger applications because it is very important part in marriage infidelity investigations. If you compare results with few competitive programs, Oxygen Forensic® Detective was superior because it also offered the extractions of the messengers apps’ backups from cloud servers which was crucial in some moments.

In the situations in which rooting Android device was neccesary, Oxygen Forensic® Detective offered me reliable exploits so I don’t need to search through numerous forum pages and trust uknown software developers. In many cases, I would run into a problem while using exotic and unreliable root applications.

I would especially highlight the fact that Oxygen Forensic® Detective from it’s version 12.6 [and up] offers complete extraction of data system from Apple’s iOs devices while using checkm8 vulnerability. The range of supported devices is vast – from Apple’s A7 to A11 SoC, which includes everything from iPhone 5s to iPhone X and corresponding iPad devices. The whole procedure of acquisition is completely automated and simple for an average user. You can see on the photo how valuable and useful possibility it is. The difference in quantity of extracted data from „conventional“ iTunes backup extraction and iOS advanced extraction is more than evident.

I want to highlight Oxygen KeyScout because the possibilities it offers were of a big use in some cases. I want to say something about one of those cases. A client of mine wanted a reconstruction of the last activities from her late husband who died in a tragical way with emphasis on financial transactions and she also wanted an access to his business e-mail communication. I didn’t find enough informations from his mobile device so I pointed my investigation into his laptop. I booted Oxygen KeyScout from a USB drive and soon I got very valuable data with all user accounts and passwords. With careful analysis I managed to reconstruct the user’s financial transactions on PayPal and Western Union.

I carry this lightweight and very robust piece of software in my pocket on the USB drive and with it I’m able to perform the most basic forensic analysis ot he computer very quickly without a need to purchase some other expensive software and without a need to go through expensive training. Oxygen KeyScout is the tool that every serious private investigator should have.

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Swiss Security Solutions provides customized investigative and forensic solutions, services and systems to help, serve, secure and care for the people and businesses in our communities, and to make our private and business customers feel safe. At Swiss Security Solutions, we firmly believe that security is unique and quite unlike any other service. To be effective it requires expertise, skill, and professionalism, as well as a dedication to providing the best possible protection for people, property, data, and assets.