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Testimonial from Gus Dimitrelos, CEO of Cyber Forensics

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Gus Dimitrelos is a Federal and State Court-Certified Mobile Forensics Expert who specializes in cyber forensics testimony, network intrusions, cyber-stalking, and cyber-terrorism. A former Secret Service agent with years of experience in eDiscovery solutions, cellular historical data reconstruction, and even physical security assessments, he currently serves as the CEO of Cyber Forensics, a Wyoming based digital forensics firm that provides clients with end-to-end services, from conventional forensic analysis to training and testimony preparation.

Not only has Gus seen it all, he does it all. He’s a hands-on leader who spends his days performing cyber forensic investigations and providing expert courtroom testimony to the US Department of Justice, US State Department, and US Federal Defender’s Office, as well as numerous state, local, and private entities. Like many investigators, Gus is always balancing multiple assignments and competing priorities, meaning that when it comes to his investigations, time is of the essence. That’s why he uses Oxygen Forensics.

The Challenge

Prior to adopting Oxygen Forensics software solutions, Gus’ forensic investigations were significantly more time-intensive. Criminal cases often involve multiple types of digital records. Call detail records, for example, provide essential location data based on a device’s proximity to nearby cellular towers within a given sector. In the past, Gus and his team were forced to submit subpoenas for mobile device data, cloud data, call records, and more—with many cases requiring individual subpoenas for each record type. This process would take up enormous amounts of time. And as all law enforcement professionals know, time is an investigation’s most precious resource, a hugely important factor that can mean the difference between a criminal being brought to justice or going free.

Gus spent years searching for an all-in-one solution that would allow him to view all types of data through a single platform. Then he discovered Oxygen Forensics.

The Solution

Oxygen Forensics software solutions provides Gus with a streamlined, all-in-one interface that has made accessing and managing multiple types of data a breeze—or as Gus himself describes it, “effortless.” Using only a suspect’s device, Gus is still able to access local data from the device itself, such as time stamps for the use of basic features (i.e. turning a camera phone flashlight on and off), but now Oxygen Forensic’s flexible UI provides his team with a wealth of additional data as well. Gus and his investigators can use a suspect’s physical device not only to access local data, but also to access data from the suspect’s carrier, such as location data in call detail records, as well as cloud data from web service providers like Google, which track search activity and other useful information.

Oxygen Forensics has become such an essential component of Gus’ investigative process that he now uses the software as a teaching tool in his training courses for law enforcement and military personnel. With Oxygen Forensics’ ability to provide an integrated view of everything from deleted data and text messaging to link analysis between users, and as digital forensics becomes an increasingly vital element of modern criminal investigations, Gus believes that these capabilities should be a part of every investigator’s toolkit.