Oxygen Forensic® Detective First Install Guide


System Requirements

To use and install Oxygen Forensic® Detective you must, without exception, have administrative privileges on the computer. Do not attempt installation without this right.

The recommended minimum requirements for your computer to complete the setup and run Oxygen Forensic® Detective are:

  • Minimum Memory: 12 GB DDR4 RAM
  • Processor: Intel Core i7
  • Minimum USB Ports: 2x USB 3.0
  • Storage: Minimum 500 GB HDD
  • Microsoft Windows 64-bit Operating System

Downloading Oxygen Forensic® Detective and its supporting recovery, bootloader, and driver
packs will consume about 10 GB of space.

Disable Driver Signature Enforcement

Reboot your computer into Driver Signature Enforcement Disabled mode. This will allow for the installation of our Oxygen Forensic® Driver Pack. The Driver Pack is safe to install on your machine, but without disabling Signature Enforcement, our custom device drivers will be blocked from installation because they are not digitally signed by Microsoft. Failure to complete this step will result in some devices not being recognized by Oxygen Forensic® Detective during the extraction process.

To Disable Driver Signature Enforcement:

  • Hold down the Shift key while selecting Restart in the Power options. The computer will boot into the blue boot options menu. Select the Troubleshoot menu item.
  • In the Troubleshoot menu, select the Advanced Options menu item.
  • In the Advanced Options menu, select Startup Settings.
  • In Startup Settings, click the Restart button to reboot into the Startup Settings menu.
  • Press the numeral 7 option for Disable Driver Signature Enforcement.
  • Your computer will reboot and be ready for installation of the Oxygen Forensic® Detective software.


Pause Antivirus Scanning

Oxygen Forensic® Detective contains device exploits that might be misidentified as a threat and blocked by the antivirus solution. Oxygen Forensic® Detective is safe to download and run on your computer. Pausing the Real-time Protection of Windows Security will allow you to perform a clean installation before virus scanning resumes automatically a short time later. Failure to perform this step will result in many features of Oxygen Forensic® Detective being improperly blocked during setup.

Screenshot of bypassing windows security to download Oxygen Forensic Detective


Download Oxygen Forensic® Detective and Related Files

Follow the instructions you were provided along with your SaleID and visit the Oxygen Forensic® Customer Area. From here you should download the following:

  • OCR Language Pack
  • All Forensic Custom Recovery and Bootloader packages
  • Driver Pack for Oxygen Forensics
  • Installation package for the current version of Oxygen Forensic® Detective


Run the Oxygen Forensic® Detective Installation Package.

Choose your installation folder (or use the default location), accept the License Agreement, and install Oxygen Forensic® Detective.

Run the Oxygen Forensic® Detective Driver Installation Pack

Extract the files from the .zip file to your computer. Open the unzipped folder and run the Oxygen Connectivity Driver Setup executable. During this process you will be asked to allow the setup of multiple drivers on your computer. All of these are safe and should be agreed to.


Install the Additional Downloaded Packages

OCR Language Pack, Custom Recovery, and Bootloader Packs.


Whitelist Component Locations of Oxygen Forensic® Detective

Oxygen Forensic® Detective is safe to whitelist. To do this, go to Windows Security and select Add or Remove Exclusions. The following file paths are for a typical installation on the C: Drive. If you choose a custom installation location, the paths for the following files and folders should be adjusted accordingly. Failure to perform this step may result in some components of Oxygen Forensic® Detective not functioning.

Exclude the following locations from virus scanning:

  • C:\Program Files\Oxygen Forensics\Oxygen Forensic Detective\
  • C:\Program Files\Oxygen Forensics\Oxygen Forensic Detective\Extractor
  • C:\Program Files\Oxygen Forensics\Oxygen Forensic Detective\iOSExtractor
  • C:\Program Files\Oxygen Forensics\Oxygen Forensic Detective\OFEC
  • C:\Program Files\Oxygen Forensics\Oxygen Forensic Detective\Passware
  • C:\Program Files\Oxygen Forensics\Oxygen Forensic Detective\Extractor\SystemFiles\adb.exe
  • C:\Program Files\Oxygen Forensics\Oxygen Forensic Detective\Extractor\SystemFiles\fastboot.exe
  • C:\Program Files\Oxygen Forensics\Oxygen Forensic Detective\Extractor\SystemFiles\OxygenRootAchiever
  • C:\Program Files\Oxygen Forensics\Oxygen Forensic Detective\Extractor\SystemFiles\OxygenRootAchiever2
  • C:\Program Files\Oxygen Forensics\Oxygen Forensic Detective\Extractor\SystemFiles\oxygen_root_shell

Reboot your Computer Normally.

After a successful reboot, you are ready to connect a device and begin extraction and analysis
with Oxygen Forensic® Detective.