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Oxygen Analytic Center.

Oxygen Analytic Center enables real-time, browser-based collaborative data review and analysis — any time, anywhere — so investigators and eDiscovery professionals can resolve cases faster and more efficiently.

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How does it work?

Our browser-based solution gives multiple users simultaneous access to their assigned datasets from anywhere, anytime, from any device, so everyone on the case can maximize their productivity.

End evidence analysis backlogs and solve cases faster with Oxygen Analytic Center.

The Benefits.

Seamless Access and Collaboration

A secure, browser-based service that can be used by anyone with a browser and the right credentials

Powerful Data Control

Data resides behind your firewall, protected by your security protocols. Your database admin controls access and permissions.

Increased Time and Cost Savings

Focus users on data most relevant to their role to reduce or eliminate backlogs. Maximize productivity as multiple people work on a case simultaneously.

Key Product Features.

The features and tools offered by Oxygen Analytic Center allow for massive volumes of digital data to analyze as quickly as possible in a collaborative environment.


Import other data types

Ingestion of Oxygen Forensic® Detective files and other data types


Search functionality

Search by tags, hash sets, and keyword sets


Email searching

Uncover and reveal names, usernames, emails, and more from different sources on the device.


Chronological listing

Have the ability to chronological list events, conversations, and contacts through timeline visualization, advanced search and filter, and more


Selective data loading

Choose the information that you want available for collaboration


Advanced filtering

Hunt and quickly locate critical information - hash sets, keywords, regular expressions, visited locations, etc.


Geodata mapping

View geo coordinates from various sources - applications data, photo and video EXIF headers, history of wi-fi connections, etc.


Facial categorization

Categorize human faces using the built-in facial recognition technology


Text analysis

Find and analyze textual data that may contain evidential information


Data matching

Find records in a data set that are the same across different data sources


Flexible reporting

Customize and generate data reports in many formats like PDF, XLSX, HTML, XML, TSV, CSV, RSMF

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