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Oxygen Forensic® Detective Network.

Have better insight into your employees’ data, quickly respond to workplace incidents, and easily build reports for internal investigations. Oxygen Forensic® Detective Network is cost-efficient solution for organizations with multiple users and remote workstations.

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How does it work?

Oxygen Forensic® Detective Network is a cost-efficient solution for organizations with multiple users and remote workstations. The Network license has all the Detective features included.

The Benefits.

You can extract data from multiple sources, analyze it using the built-in analytical tools, and make reports.

Easily Trace Incidents

Trace and investigate what may have occurred or led to an incident. Navigate disgruntled employees’ information and privacy regulations with selective data extraction.

Cloud Extraction

Eliminate the need to confiscate devices with powerful cloud extraction support.

Increase Efficiency

Simultaneous upload of data from multiple devices and device types to a single platform. Speed up extraction with customizable artifact selection.


Save money with cost-effective, all-inclusive pricing for concurrent connections — no hidden fees.

Expand your knowledge.

With the purchase or renewal of your software maintenance and support for Oxygen Corporate Explorer, you will receive an All-Access Pass allowing you to receive standard training to expand your skill set and maximize the use of this solution.

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Key Product Features.

The features and tools offered in Oxygen Forensic® Detective Network are what make it the best digital forensic solution for your organization. Each feature is designed and built to help fill the evidential gaps and close your investigations quicker, avoiding case backlog.


Accounts and passwords

Decrypt passwords and authentication tokens to user accounts in social networks, messengers, and email apps. Reveal passwords that were used to connect to wi-fi networks.


Application support

Extract, decrypt, and examine user data from today's most popular apps.


Cloud data

Gain access to over 100 cloud services like WhatsApp, Telegram, iCloud, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Uncover contacts

Uncover and reveal names, usernames, emails, and more from different sources on the device.


Export in different formats

Customize and generate data reports in many formats like pdf, xls, rtf, xml and html.


Access user files

Access a device's photos, audio and video files, databases, and other acquired evidence at the file-system level. View any file in a raw, hex mode, or native view.


Tag key evidence

Mark important entries as key evidence in any program section and view them later in a single list.


Search for keywords

Create and use keyword lists to quickly find the relevant data during or after data extraction.


Access messages

Gain access to SMS, MMS, email, and iMessage communications, and read them either in a table or chat view..


Social graph

Explore social connections between the device owner and their contacts or several devices by analyzing calls, messages, and app communication activities.



Navigating the enormous amount of data efficiently has always been our development objective. To prove this point, we have introduced the statistics section that offers an overview of the entire extraction and allows the investigator to quickly identify sections of interest.



View all events in chronological order: chats, calls, voicemails, photos, video history, wi-fi connections, geo files, and web cache.


User data collection on computer

Collect computer credentials and passwords using Oxygen Forensic® KeyScout.

System Requirements

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