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Why Choose Oxygen Forensic® Detective.

Oxygen Forensic® Detective is trusted by law enforcement, enterprises, and government agencies globally. Here’s why.

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Application support

Extract data from over 40,000 app versions of the 800+ unique supported apps.

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Built-in tools for analysis

All our analysis tools are available with the purchase of a license with no hidden cost. Analysis tools included: Image Categorization, Facial Categorization, OCR, Maps, Data Search, Tags and Filters, CDR Analysis, Data Viewers, and Evidence Viewer.

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Brute force of encrypted backups and images

Built-in module that offers brute force for iTunes backups, Huawei backups, Android backups and physical images.

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Increase efficiency

Simultaneous upload of data from multiple devices and device types to a single platform. Speed up extraction with customizable artifact selection.