Why the best translation modules are built-in and offline.

June 10, 2024

Discover how advanced translation tools are revolutionizing digital forensics investigations by enabling seamless multilingual data analysis and collaboration, improving efficiency and accuracy in evidence interpretation.

Evidence must be understood to be effective. As technological advances spark rapid globalization of communication, commerce, and crime, digital forensics investigators are more often faced with the challenge of translating and analyzing evidence in languages other than their own. As a result, gleaning evidence from emails, chats, social media, documents, and videos can be a frustrating, time-consuming speed bump in any investigation.

Investigators must be able to translate the digital data collected. Law enforcement, government agencies or incident response teams in English-speaking countries must translate and analyze data in multiple languages.

Additional translation challenges occur when investigations require international agencies and multilingual stakeholders to collaborate.

With these investigative challenges in mind, more law enforcement, government agencies, and enterprises are turning to advanced translation capabilities when selecting their digital forensics software.

New translation capabilities for digital forensics investigations

Advanced translation modules or tools significantly assist digital forensics investigations by facilitating the identification and analysis of multilingual data, and accuracy in the interpretation of evidence.

Advanced translation tools enable investigators to select text entry within an extraction for translation into a language of their choice.

A translation tool should also provide the export of a translated message to data reports within an investigation.

Because many law enforcement and government agencies do not keep their forensic machines online, or online access isn’t readily available, a translation tool that’s built into digital forensics software provides offline translation benefits and security without requiring online access.

5 ways translation tools assist digital forensic investigations

Ways in which advanced translation tools assist investigations include:

Translating multilingual communications

Email and chat analysis: Translation tools can be used to convert emails, messages, and chats written in foreign languages into the investigator’s native language, enabling a comprehensive understanding of communications between suspects.

Social media monitoring: Translation tools help investigators monitor and analyze posts, comments, and interaction in various languages.

Document translation

Legal and financial documents: Translating legal contracts, financial records, and other critical documents is crucial for understanding the context and content during investigations.

Technical manuals and codes: For investigations involving hacking or cybercrime, translating technical manuals or code comments written in different languages can provide essential clues.

Audio and video transcription

Voice recordings and videos: Automated transcription and translation tools can convert spoken language in audio and video files into text, making it easier to analyze conversations and extract relevant information.

Website and online content analysis

Foreign websites: Translation tools can help investigators better understand and analyze content from alternative language websites hosted in different countries.

Dark web and forums: Investigators can use tools to translate content on forums and marketplaces in various languages.

Collaboration with international stakeholders

Multinational investigations: Cases involving crimes and criminals that crossed borders may require collaboration among multi-lingual teams including international law enforcement agencies. Translation module and tools help streamline communication and evidence sharing among teams speaking different languages.

Oxygen Forensic® Detective and Oxygen Remote Explorer include an advanced built-in Translation module

Leveraging an advanced translation module or tool that immediately allows an investigator to translate data into their own language empowers better interpretation and analysis of the data and reduce case time.

These essential translation capabilities are available in Oxygen Forensic® Detective version 16.1 or newer and Oxygen Remove Explorer v.1.3 at no extra cost in our perpetual licensing model.

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Our Translation module supports 27 language pairs, including Arabic, Bengali, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. and can translate messages in the Applications, Messages, and Timeline sections.

It’s one of many advanced features, tools, and capabilities built-in to our all-in-one digital forensic software – more than any digital forensics product on the market.

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