Customer Story: Oxygen Forensic® Detective 5x-to-10x faster than any other tool.

July 08, 2024

As a customer-centric company of practitioners, we love to let our customers tell their stories of success using our products.

It’s not uncommon for digital forensics practitioners to spend roughly 20% of case time on extraction and 80% on parsing and analyzing the extracted data. More efficient software can help! Oxygen Forensic® Detective processes faster, is more stable and easier to use, and features the industry’s most complete array of analytic capabilities, allowing forensic investigators and analysts to get to their answers more quickly.

In an interview at a recent digital forensics conference, an Oxygen customer (who requested anonymity due to the nature of their work) praised the processing and analysis speed of Oxygen Forensic® Detective versus other software:

Five-to-10 times faster

“We collect data using Oxygen and other tools and load it all into Oxygen because we find that Oxygen tends to be incredibly efficient at processing the data, which helps us get to our end result the fastest. We often have collections that we need to turn around the same day, so it was a real breakthrough to discover even if we’re using collections from a number of other tools, we’re still able to load all the information from any of these sources into Oxygen and get the data processed and exported very quickly.”

quote block -“Oxygen has made a significant impact on our case backlog and has become instrumental to our workflows.”

Oxygen ‘blows past’ the competition in head-to-head comparisons

“Like many here (at the conference), we use a variety of tools for collection – and in our case, we first started using Oxygen because of its cloud extraction capabilities – but it didn’t take long for us to notice that if we load a variety of collected data into two tools, one being Oxygen and the other being literally any other tool we have, Oxygen routinely processes the data, provides it to us in a reviewable form and then exports the end result before other tools have even finished processing the data for us to begin looking at it. Based purely on our own in-house experiences, it’s safe to say that Oxygen makes our data processing and analysis 5 to 10 times faster than any other tool we’ve used. Because of this, Oxygen has made a significant impact on our case backlog and has become instrumental to our workflows.”


quote block -“Oxygen has made a significant impact on our case backlog and has become instrumental to our workflows.”

Volume not an obstacle

“One of our larger recent cases required extraction and analysis of a particularly large amount of data – we had been performing essentially continuous, 24-hour extractions for weeks at a time, pulling down enormous amounts of highly varied data. We were curious and a bit apprehensive about the processing of so much data, how much time that would take, and were making timeline projections in terms of weeks – but Oxygen came through impressively, processing the entire quantity in less than a day and presenting it to us in a format that allowed us to produce our final output in less than an afternoon. Again, we found that Oxygen had outperformed not just other tools, but also our own expectations.”

Smarter extraction contributes to speed

In a separate customer interview at a recent industry event, a forensic manager at a major U.S. agency shared their own experiences with Oxygen’s processing:

“Our goal was to extract images of a certain kind from an enormous trove of data. We conducted the extraction using two different tools. The first tool, one that would be recognizable to just about anyone in our line of work, extracted over 52,000 images and through a lengthy and largely manual process, 4,062 relevant images were identified as having hard evidence. When we conducted the same extraction with Oxygen, we used the available filters to target images at the collection stage and Oxygen extracted 4,050 relevant images as one part of its extraction and simultaneously found the other 12 relevant images in the form of screen captures within a chat application – all automatically, all within minutes. Identical results but achieved hours apart.”

These are just a few examples of how Oxygen Forensic® Detective, a powerful extraction and analysis tool developed for practitioners and by practitioners, supports forensics professionals in a variety of ways – including dramatic reductions in the time needed to find answers and resolve cases.

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