Oxygen Forensics leads 25th anniversary Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference.

June 03, 2024

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Oxygen Forensics is proud to be a Titanium level sponsor and participant of Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference in its 25th year as the preeminent industry show in the United States.

Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference 25th anniversary
When: June 4-6
Where: Wilmington, NC

“In the realm of thought leadership, true pioneers don’t just navigate the terrain; they illuminate the path for others, fostering community, transparency, and collective growth along the way.  We are happy to be a part of Techno’s 25th successful year,” said Oxygen Forensics CEO Lee Reiber.

8 Oxygen Forensics presentations and hands-on labs

Oxygen Forensics’ presence as an industry leader will be evident at Booth 201 and eight expert presentations and hands-on labs anchoring the show’s three-day session calendar.

“In the era of data-driven decisions, our products and training ripple beyond simple extraction and collection, shaping the real world with profound impact, steering us towards a future guided by continued insight and innovation. This is evident by our industry presence this year and eight sessions, Reiber said.” “For over two decades, our unwavering commitment to industry excellence has fueled a journey of continual innovation, driving us to pioneer tomorrow’s solutions while honoring the legacy of our past achievements.”

Join us at Booth 201 to meet, learn, share, and network with our team of industry practitioners and experts. Take advantage of demos, training, and giveaways, and note on your calendar our featured presentations and hands-on labs:

Peeling the Onion – Additional Layers of Device Security         

Additional layers of security on Android and iOS devices may result in important data not being extracted or remaining encrypted. This presentation will explore what they are, where they exist, and some of the ways they can be overcome.

Tips, Tools, and Tricks with Oxygen Forensics               

We will introduce you to Oxygen Forensics® Detective capabilities such as extracting facial data from videos, searching text located in screenshots, and identifying physical addresses for all your geodata.

Hands-On Lab: Mapping Your Target                    

Come sit in the driver’s seat and take Oxygen Forensics’ Mapping tool for a spin. Each attendee will have access to a fully licensed laptop with all tools and datasets needed.

Unmasking Clouds: The Art of Cloud Forensics 

Whether data is hosted and offered through the cloud, generated and stored by cloud applications or by services provided by cloud platforms, you should have the capability to leverage all areas in order to perform cloud forensics effectively.

Targeted Acquisitions Using KeyScout                      

Total data sizes present or available no longer need be overwhelming with KeyScout, the examiner’s new best friend for targeted computer forensic collections.

The Analytic Features of Oxygen Forensic® Detective

This hands-on lab session will walk you through operating the analytic features of Oxygen Forensic® Detective including facial categorization, face searching, OCR, image categorizations, and cloud extractions.

Analyzing AI Images and Videos   

This session will spotlight the purpose, threat, and detection of  potentially dangerous AI images and videos, addressing the rising concerns surrounding AI-generated visual content and its potential for spreading misinformation.

We hope to see you in Wilmington! Visit the event site for more details of the opportunities Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference offers in its 25th year.