Why choose our solutions?

Our solutions are created and enhanced to meet your needs. Whether you are part of a government agency or an enterprise, our products provide tools for data extraction, analysis, and creation of professional and insightful reports. Whether it is extracting data for a case or the need to monitor your employees’ suspicious digital activity, our software is versatile to fit your needs.

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Who we help.

We provide digital forensic solutions to law enforcement, government agencies, and enterprises in over 150 countries. With the assistance of our global team and partners, we want to help you make the world a safer place.


Law Enforcement & Government Agencies

Overwhelmed with the case backlog? Let us help. Upload multiple devices to a single platform, easily perform global searches with our AI-powered image categorization algorithms to quickly identify illicit materials, and work remotely and collaboratively.

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Information technology has become part of every organization’s day to day. Extract data from multiple sources, monitor, analyze, and build reports all in one interface to align with privacy, compliance, and information governance.

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There are many reasons why Oxygen Forensics is the choice of law enforcement, government agencies, and enterprises around the world. Here’s why we think you should choose Oxygen Forensics as your software provider.

A solution that works for every industry

We provide all the digital forensic tools needed for an investigation in our products. How do we do that? We provide tools that are needed to extract data from multiple devices and numerous ways to analyze the data.

Build custom reports

For a court case or a case against a disgruntled employee, you are able to easily build a custom report only showing the data that helps build your case, and is easy to follow for someone who may not understand digital forensics.

Powerful searching and filtering

Hunt and quickly locate critical information by hash sets, keywords, regular expressions, convert any words contained in an image to machine-encoded text, and identify images with the built-in image and facial categorization AI engine.

Constantly innovated

Our software features address current customer needs and recent technology developments, allowing us to introduce many industry-first solutions in mobile and cloud forensics. We have a minimum of 8 major releases and 12 minor releases every year; the most in the industry.

Our Training.

Want to learn more about Oxygen Forensic® Detective? With our training courses and webinars, we provide users with the tools and knowledge to tackle any case.


Course Descriptions

Oxygen Forensics offers a variety of courses that cover all aspects of how to use Oxygen Forensic® Detective tools and features to successfully complete an investigation and close more cases.


Training Events

We offer a variety of events that are offered in-person, on-demand, or live-online and are available all around the world. Come learn from our expert training team and partners. Choose the type of learning path that will help you expand your skills.



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All-Access Pass

Our flagship solution, Oxygen Forensic® Detective, is continually upgraded with new features. AAP offers unlimited annual access to training courses, so you can stay up to date with those upgrades, at a fixed low price.


Academic Programs

As the leading developer of the most advanced mobile forensic technology, we want to extend a unique opportunity to academia and allow Oxygen Forensic® Detective to become part of any existing digital forensics program.


Training Partners

Our partners help provide comprehension and expertise while offering courses all around the world. Find an international course near you.

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