Helping you tackle the ever-changing digital landscape in the workforce.

With our Network solution you are able to better understand what led to an incident, retrieve lost data, and, when needed, gather evidence to build a case. You now have the ability to extract data from multiple devices while protecting your company and employees’ privacy with our all-in-one suite.

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Our solutions assist companies to fill the gap in their digital forensic strategy and help uncover unforeseen digital events.

Creating a better understanding of how your employees communicate

Extract data from over 100 cloud-supported services, including popular apps like Telegram, WhatsApp, Discord, and Slack.

Ability to extract data from multiple sources

Extract data and artifacts from mobile, computer, and the cloud. Analyze all data in one place, create reports, and easily build a case.

Tools that help protect employee and company privacy

You now have the ability to help discover and trace unauthorized internet access by employees, loopholes and vulnerabilities in the network, and malware incidents such as attacks and intrusions that can be analyzed to determine how the breach occurred in order to prevent future attacks.

Cost-efficient solution for organizations

Having a digital forensic readiness plan and strategy in place goes a long way toward ensuring such investigations and any discovery can be handled and presented properly.

Our Products.

If you are looking for individual tools or a full digital forensic suite, we offer anything and everything you may need to simplify your workflow and strengthen your investigation.

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Oxygen Forensic® Detective Network

Have better insight into your employees’ data, quickly respond to workplace incidents, and easily build reports for internal investigations. Oxygen Forensic® Detective Network is a cost-efficient solution for organizations with multiple users and remote workstations.

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Oxygen Analytic Center

Oxygen Analytic Center enables real-time, browser-based collaborative data review and analysis — anytime, anywhere — so investigators and eDiscovery professionals can resolve cases faster and more efficiently.

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Oxygen Forensic® Detective

An all-in-one digital forensic software designed to extract, decode, and analyze data. Extract data and artifacts from multiple devices with the capability for both mobile and computer forensic investigations.

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Oxygen Forensic® Kit

Oxygen Forensic® Kit is designed for examiners working in the field. Switch the Tablet PC on, choose a cable from the cable set, launch the Oxygen Forensic® Extractor, and connect a mobile device. Once a device is extracted, save it to a backup, and bring it to your lab for detailed analysis in Oxygen Forensic® Detective Network.

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Oxygen Forensic® Cable Kit

Providing examiners with the proper cables for data extraction.

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