Analyze mobile devices data with your eDiscovery solution

Relativity is a powerful eDiscovery platform that can be deployed both in a cloud-based and server solution that offers case assessment, fact management, review, production, analytics and legal hold functionalities within a suite. It is widely used by corporations, government agencies, and law firms.

Since version 11.5, Oxygen Forensic® Detective has allowed investigators to export extracted data in a format compatible with Relativity. Users can extract data from mobile devices, import images and backups, and easily export them into a formatted file to collectively analyze data within Relativity.

Data from the following categories can be exported to Relativity:

  • Calls
  • Contacts
  • Messages
  • Files

Oxygen Forensic® Detective also includes an export function that supports Relativity Short Message Format (RSMF). Since it is an RFC 5322 (Internet Message Format) standards-compliant file that encapsulates normalized short message data, only messages will be exported in this format.


Export can be performed by clicking the icon under the device picture on the device extraction home screen or by right-clicking on extraction in the list.

The export can also be called from one of the supported sections of interest: Messages (Relativity and RSMF), Contacts, Files, and Calls (Relativity only).

Once the export window has opened, use the checkboxes to select which sections to include. Investigators can choose to export only records marked as Key Evidence, as well as export files from the sections of interest.

To further fine-tune the export, open the Settings tab from the left panel of the Export window. From there, investigators can state volume information, subdirectory, document ID, file path, and file characters settings.

Lastly, click Export to start exporting the data to Relativity format. 

Once the data export is over, investigators can start analyzing data within Relativity and share it with colleagues!