Collaborative Data Analysis Tools Save Time and Money.

febrero 19, 2024

Innovative digital forensic analysis tools can make better sense out of data and expedite investigations through collaboration.

Growing digital forensics caseloads challenge investigative and eDiscovery professionals to wade through massive amounts of data and somehow make sense of it all – while the clock is ticking.

Better, faster resolutions require more effective resources not only to search through unstructured data efficiently but determine what’s relevant to each investigation, and more often, multiple stakeholders.

Globalization through digital innovation connects users beyond their devices. Because digital behaviors know no physical borders, investigations of criminals and corporate incidents often require real-time collaboration across domestic or international boundaries. Meanwhile, the impact of data can be lessened or lost if not shared with the right collaborator in a timely and compliant manner.

Innovative digital forensic tools can better equip investigators to dig deeper to find key evidence more efficiently and follow up with a higher level of analysis – while sharing it with the right stakeholders in real-time.

Make better sense of your data – faster

When processing and reviewing data, your investigation should leverage innovative and responsive tools to collect the evidence and make better sense of your findings, without overwhelming your team or resources.

The following analytic capabilities can more efficiently parse and organize data for optimum analysis while reducing an investigation’s time and cost:

Tap into a variety of data sources

Import and analyze third-party forensic software backups for a complete picture of the case viewed from different sources.

Improved focus

Only view the data you need using a strategic assortment of filters including text, hash sets, regular expressions, tags, time, location, language, phone number, e-mail address, IP address, EXIF, and deleted data.

Enhanced search agility

Immediate search capabilities for criteria such as file content, user communications, or recognized by OCR texts eliminate time needed for manual analysis.

Reduce detection time

Similar data detection saves time identifying similar contacts, files, faces, messages, and accounts from one or several extractions.

Gain quicker insights

Use customized dictionaries for searches of keywords, tags, and hash sets for immediate results.

Rich image analysis

Tap into the AI-powered tools to process large volumes of data such as face categorization from photos and similar faces in extracted files – faster and more efficiently.

Streamline investigation processes

The speed with which you can upload, view, and analyze datasets is determined by the speed of your tool’s algorithms.

Expedite results using real-time collaboration

Once the data has been collected and distilled, review of today’s investigations more often requires collaboration. Investigators, departments, and external stakeholders – and the case outcome – will benefit by working together simultaneously and remotely toward optimum resolution.

Remote collaboration doesn’t have to be costly or clumsy. With the right browser-based tools, multiple users can access better data analytics simultaneously from any location, at any time, and from any device – while saving time and money.

Even in the face of increasing caseloads and limited resources, maximum productivity can be achieved when investigators can share the right data with the right people at the right time.

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