Extract Health Cloud Data from Huawei-Based Devices

Learn how to extract cloud data from Huawei Health with our all-in-one solution, Oxygen Forensic® Detective

screenshots of Huawei Health on 3 phones

It is no secret that fitness and health apps contain loads of data that could be useful for an investigation. Numerous cases have been resolved because of the data extracted from health apps. Learn more about our supported health apps.

Oxygen Forensic® Detective v.15.4 and up, investigators can extract data from Huawei Health cloud.

Huawei Health

Huawei Health is a pre-installed app available on Huawei devices that tracks the user’s movement and activity, mapping routes, monitoring heartbeat, and sleep data.

The app can also be installed on other devices besides Huawei.

Data extraction from Huawei Health cloud with Oxygen Forensic® Detective

To extract data from Huawei Health cloud, the investigator will first need to launch Oxygen Forensic® Cloud Extractor from the software home screen, import a credentials package or start a new extraction, and fill in information about the case.

Screenshot of Oxygen Forensic® Detective home screen and locating Cloud Extractor

Locate Oxygen Forensic® Cloud Extractor on the Oxygen Forensic® Detective home screen.


Screenshot of starting Cloud Extractor


Then, select Huawei Health cloud from the list of all available services. Use the heart icon to filter the list by health and fitness apps.


Screenshot of available apps to extract data from with Cloud Extractor


Upon selecting the cloud service, the investigator will be asked for authorization. This can be accomplished through one of the following:

  • User’s login and password;
  • Token that was extracted from the device;
  • User’s telephone number and code sent via SMS;
  • QR code.

Proxy at authorization could be used from a corresponding tab.


It is also possible to prompt cloud data extraction from the “Accounts and Passwords” section of an already-analyzed device, provided Huawei Health has been installed and accessed on it. In this case, open the “Accounts and Passwords” section from the device home screen and then click “Extract with Cloud Extractor.” Oxygen Forensic® Cloud Extractor will open with all services, credentials to which have been detected, extracted, and already selected.

Screenshot of extract of Cloud Extractor data in the accounts and passwords section in Oxygen Forensic® Detective


If the two-factor-authentication is enabled, investigators will have to pass it by entering a code sent either to a trusted device, an email associated with the account, or via SMS.

As soon as the authorization is complete, the data extraction begins. The following can be extracted from Huawei Health cloud:

  • Information about the account owner
  • List of data sources
  • Information about workouts
  • Medical data, including information about blood pressure, pulse, weight, sleep, temperature, fluid intake, and menstrual cycle
  • Routes

Please note that the exact set of data may differ depending on data present in the cloud.

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