Oxygen Forensics Launches Remote Data Collection Tool, Oxygen Remote Explorer.

junio 20, 2023

New tool increases efficiency with capabilities for task scheduling and targeted collection from onsite and remote endpoints

Alexandria, VA, USA – June 20, 2023 – Oxygen Forensics, a global leader in digital forensics for law enforcement, government agencies, and enterprise clients, announced today the launch of Oxygen Remote Explorer, its innovative tool that facilitates both onsite and remote data collection. Created specifically for corporations and private organizations, Oxygen Remote Explorer helps users find critical evidence quickly and accelerate case resolution using new features for targeted, remote collection and task scheduling, in addition to advanced search and analysis made familiar by the company’s flagship solution, Oxygen Forensic® Detective.

“Remote data collection is a critical need for corporations and private enterprises, particularly with today’s dispersed and global workforce,” said CEO Lee Reiber. “Oxygen Remote Explorer begins to answer that need by giving users the ability to collect data efficiently from remote workstations.” Oxygen Remote Explorer also facilitates fast collection from mobile devices, IoT devices, and over 100 cloud sources.

Within the tool, Oxygen Forensics is excited to introduce a sleek Agent Management Center, which enables customers to perform highly targeted collections based on custom user or group profiles they create, reducing collection time and volume. They can also collect data manually or schedule collection tasks.

“We built Oxygen Remote Explorer for flexibility, reflecting the broad variety of data landscapes among enterprises and organizations,” said Reiber. “You can install it during device setup, or deploy it remotely, as needed, with a simple executable. And the target devices can stay in the users’ possession while the organization runs its investigation, saving time while allowing employees to work uninterrupted.”

In addition to the ability to create custom profiles, Oxygen Remote Explorer’s advanced filtering and easy-to-use search capabilities ensure that users can quickly find the data they need. The ability to customize tags, hash sets, and keywords, as well as add notes and comments to specific data, increases productivity. Robust instructor-led and online training modules are available to help speed deployment.

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