Warrant Return Support in Oxygen Forensic® Detective.

There are some cases when investigators cannot access a device and may need a search warrant. In these unique cases a search warrant can be sent to a company, like Apple or Google,  requesting them to compile the data outlined in the search warrant which could be crucial to the investigation. If the search warrant is valid, and the requested data exists, the data is returned to the requester in the format the company provides.

To be able to get the correct type of return the investigator will need specific data outlines. Research of each type of return can be time consuming due to the various returns and we continually update and add new companies to our solutions.

Currently Oxygen Forensic® Detective supports Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Google, and Apple Warrant Returns.

To import, locate the Warrant return section under Import on our Home page, and then select the service.

Screenshot of Oxygen Forensic® Detective dashboard with Warrant turns highlighted in blue.

Supported Warrant Returns

Below you will find more information on the supported Warrant Returns.

Facebook and Instagram Warrant Returns might include:

  • Account information
  • Account information
  • List of contacts
  • Messages
  • Screenshots

Snapchat Warrant Returns might include:

  • Information about the user account
  • Login history
  • Private chats, including sent and received media
  • Group chats, including sent and received media

Data from Twitter Warrant Returns  includes:

  • User account information;
  • Account actions;
  • Devices;
  • Tweets;

Twitter warrant return in Oxygen Forensic Detective

Data from Google Warrant Return includes:

  • Device information;
  • Сalendars;
  • Gmail contacts;
  • Gmail messages;
  • Google Drive content;
  • location history;
  • My activity;
  • Google Play Store history.

Apple Warrant Returns include:

  • iCould account data;
  • iCloud contacts;
  • Find My Friends data;
  • iCloud Messages;
  • iCloud Drive data;
  • iCloud Photos;
  • iCloud Notes;
  • iCloud Calendars;
  • iCloud Reminders;
  • iCloud maps bookmarks;
  • iCloud log data;
  • iCloud IDS request log data;
  • FaceTime iCloud log data;
  • Safari browser history;
  • Photo Steam;
  • E-mail data;
  • iCloud Backup (iOS Devices).


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