Extract PrivateSpace Data on Huawei Devices

With over 200 million Huawei devices worldwide, having the ability to extract from Huawei devices and individual applications on these devices is also important. Investigators have the ability to extract data from PrivateSpace on Huawei devices based on Kirin chipsets with Oxygen Forensic® Detective. Learn more about Huawei extraction methods.


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PrivateSpace on Huawei Devices

Huawei PrivateSpace is a special program feature that creates a private storage space on a Huawei or Honor smartphone. This storage space is completely separate from the device’s main storage and is configured to only allow access via fingerprint ID or password. The PrivateSpace password must be different from that of the main phone space.

Users have the ability to store photos, videos, audio, and contacts. Not only can files be stored but also application data.  Apps can be stored and launched from PrivateSpace.

When files are stored to Huawei PrivateSpace, they cannot be accessed from the main menu of the device and cannot be extracted using typical Android extraction methods.

Huawei PrivateSpace was specifically designed to secure data and can be potentially used to hide information from unauthorized access. 


Extracting PrivateSpace Data with Oxygen Forensic® Detective

Acquiring PrivateSpace data with Oxygen Forensic® Detective requires extracting hardware keys.

PrivateSpace data hardware key extraction and reading have been added to the main Huawei Kirin extraction process.



Screenshot of running a Huawei Kirin Extraction in Oxygen Forensic® Detective


The password is required for the decryption of both user and PrivateSpace data. Investigators can either enter it directly or launch the built-in brute-force module.

If brute force was launched for main data, it would launch automatically for PrivateSpace.


Screenshot of entering in user password for PrivateSpace to extract the data in Oxygen Forensic® Detective


Once account access is granted, extracted data from PrivateSpace will be accessible from the main device extraction screen in Oxygen Forensic® Detective. There, investigators can utilize any of the various analytic tools to parse the data and later build a report, if needed.


Viewing Android device dashboard after PrivateSpace extraction
Viewing extraction info after PrivateSpace extraction in the Android device dashboard


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