10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Oxygen Analytic Center.

Learn why Oxygen Analytic Center should be added to your digital forensic toolkit. Launched on March 23, 2023, this new product is the future of collaborative data analysis.

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In March 2023, we launched Oxygen Analytic Center. This new solution allows for easier collaboration for data review and analysis.

Oxygen Analytic Center

Our browser-based solution gives multiple users simultaneous access to their assigned datasets from anywhere, any time, from any device, so everyone on the case can maximize their productivity. This new solution also offers advanced all-inclusive tools.

Here are the 10 reasons why investigators need to add Oxygen Analytic Center to their digital forensic tool kit.

  1. Real-time collaboration
  2. Variety of data sources
  3. Numerous filters
  4. Advanced search
  5. Similar data detection
  6. Quick insights into keywords
  7. AI-powered analytics
  8. Fast processing algorithms
  9. Secure and easy-to-use administrative panel
  10. Highly responsive customer support

Real-time collaboration

You can work on the same case with your team and external stakeholders. No waiting time for evidence to be physically sent to remote locations or to travel to remote labs.

Variety of data sources

Import third-party forensic software backups in addition to native Oxygen Forensic® Detective backups. Immediately see the complete picture of the case from different sources in a single platform.

Numerous filters

Only view the data you need. Quickly filter evidence using over 20 filters that include text, hash sets, regular expressions, tags, time, location, language, phone number, e-mail address, IP address, EXIF, and deleted data.

Use various criteria to find the evidence you need. Searches can be done in file content or user communications and are recognized by OCR texts. Get immediate search results and eliminate manual analysis.

Similar data detection

Compare extractions using the Matches section. Stop spending hours manually identifying similar contacts, files, messages, and accounts from one or several extractions. Let our powerful solution do it for you.

Quick insights into keywords

Start your evidence analysis by running the Text Analyzer on an extraction. It will give you immediate results based on the pre-installed or custom dictionaries. Based on the keywords found, you can decide what to analyze next.

AI-powered analytics

Process volumes of data with the help of AI-powered analytics, available at no additional charge. Detect and categorize faces from photos and find similar faces in extracted files.

Fast processing algorithms

Upload, view, and analyze evidence datasets with our fast-processing algorithms. Software speed depends on the configuration of your server.

Secure and easy-to-use administrative panel

Grant and revoke access rights in a few clicks. No need to spend hours configuring the system.

Highly responsive customer support

Contact us to resolve any issue. Do not wait days for the problem to be resolved.

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