Tim McLemee Helps Educated Local Law Enforcement on Digital Forensic Tools.

mayo 31, 2022

Retired District Attorney Investigator stresses the importance of local law enforcement having digital forensic software to extract and collect data to help in investigations.

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Tim McLemee, a Retired Senior District Attorney Investigator from Tyler, Texas, has been using Oxygen Forensic® Detective since version 1.0 was released.

Oxygen Forensic® Detective has allowed McLemee to examine and extract data from a multitude of devices, which has been used to build cases and then presented in court.

Since your company and I joined forces back at version 1.0 we have successfully examined thousands of phones, Apple products, tablets, androids etc. for use in State and Federal Court.

Approved For Use in Court

Of the 20 years that McLemee has used Oxygen Forensic® Detective, he has been able to  use the software as evidence in court. Each time this kind of forensic evidence was needed, it was always approved by the judge due to the in-depth factual analysis and reporting that Oxygen Forensic® Detective offers.

In that time period we never had one successful challenge against your software [Oxygen Forensic® Detective], all evidence was always allowed in by the Judge.

Law Enforcement Appreciation

At Oxygen Forensics our software is specifically built and engineered to fit the needs of law enforcement. With new tools and innovative ways to extract and analyze data, Oxygen Forensic® Detective is able to help investigators of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

McLemee understands the importance of digital forensics and its need when collecting evidence in a case that even after retiring as the Senior District Attorney Investigator, he feels the need to help local law enforcement by providing Oxygen Forensic® Detective training to help in investigations.

I am mostly retired however I still train young investigators and help local law enforcement at no cost with your tools so they can continue their investigations without any delay.

20+ Years of Experience

Oxygen Forensics has been helping investigators solve crimes for over 20+ years, and McLemee being one of them.

Oxygen Forensic® Detective has the ability to extract data from mobile devices, apps, PCs, and the Cloud. Offering extraction from over 100+ cloud services and a continually growing list of apps to match the ever-changing technology advancements, this solution brings innovation and visibility to digital evidence.

It is my professional opinion based on almost two decades of using Oxygen and with over 25 years in digital evidence that your tool is the ONLY true forensic tool for smartphones and every other type of digital evidence your product now examines.

Continued Innovation

With experienced digital forensic expert investigators like McLemee, we are proud to be their digital forensic solutions provider. They are the reason that we continue to innovate and update Oxygen Forensic® Detective in our mission to help good people make this world safer.

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