Oxygen Forensics Launches Real-Time Data Collaboration Solution, Oxygen Analytic Center

New tool helps resolve digital forensic investigations and cases faster and more efficiently.

Oxygen Forensics, a global leader in digital forensics for law enforcement, government agencies, and enterprise clients, announced today the launch of Oxygen Analytic Center, a browser-based data-sharing solution designed to simplify the investigative and eDiscovery processes by enabling real-time collaborative review and analysis within and across teams. The tool can be used on any device with a secure internet connection, any time from anywhere in the world.

«Oxygen Forensics has always increased value to its customers through meaningful innovation,» said CEO Lee Reiber. «Oxygen Analytic Center is no exception. It exponentially increases users’ efficiency and effectiveness by allowing real-time simultaneous data review and analysis. Customers will be able to resolve investigations and close cases faster, saving time and resources.»

Oxygen Analytic Center provides powerful data control features, enabling data-sharing on a need-to-see basis. Data resides within each customer’s firewall, protected by its own security protocols. Any approved user with an internet connection can access their database via desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

«Data-sharing among teams, between task forces and committees, and across jurisdictions has been a persistent pain point for customers of any forensic software — an area ripe for change,» said Reiber. «Oxygen Analytic Center helps users put the right data into the hands of those team members best qualified to review and analyze it, faster and with far less effort.»

Advanced filtering and easy-to-use search capabilities ensure Oxygen Analytic Center users can quickly find the data they need. The ability to customize tags, hash sets, and keywords, as well as add notes and comments to specific data, increases productivity.

Oxygen Analytic Center allows review and analysis of other forensic solution image formats, in addition to data extracted using the company’s flagship solution, Oxygen Forensic® Detective. Custom licensing options are available.

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