Successful Technologists Never Stop Learning.

septiembre 25, 2023

Solid training = success. A simple formula, but one that can be easy for digital forensics professionals at all levels to neglect.

Professionals need to understand the full capabilities and power of the tools they use to locate, extract, and analyze evidence. Learning the most efficient and effective methods to implement to best workflows that generate the best outcomes is the key to that success.

Earlier this month, Oxygen Forensics announced that customers will have full access to the on-demand education in conjunction with their software maintenance and support. The impetus behind this move is its criticality: If a customer is going to invest time, money, and energy in technology, it is critical they learn how to effectively use it.

Committed to customers’ success

The original notion was to give every customer access to Oxygen Forensic® Boot Camp as part of their license. The leadership team decided that to truly support customers, that wasn’t enough: Users needed easy access to all training. So we made the commitment to offer all licensed users full access all the time, understanding that this is the way to encourage people to do their best work with our tools.

Taking this commitment one step further, Oxygen Forensics expanded Keith Lockhart’s role in the company. He now brings his 20+ years of industry experience and technical instruction of adult professionals to the technology table as the VP of Technology and Training. While being a focal point for the feedback gathered from the customer-facing allies of Training, Support, and Sales Engineering, he now has the opportunity to directly interact with development teams to influence the Oxygen Forensic product line.

to the new position of Vice President of Technology and Training. Keith brings to his job 20+ years’ of experience in technical instruction for adult professionals. He manages a training team of former military and law enforcement personnel with strong investigative backgrounds who know all Oxygen Forensics products inside out and stay well-versed in the legal aspects of investigations.

A direct line from the field to the development

Part of making the head of technology and training a dual role is to help ensure that Oxygen Forensics not only offers innovations in digital forensics investigations but that our products and training also reflect feedback from the field. This quickly influences how changes are prioritized based on customer need and market urgency to help provide products and related training that drive customer success.

Training how, where, and when you want it

Oxygen Forensics training options give customers flexibility in deciding how and when to enhance their skills. No more excuses about inconvenient timing, downtime for travel, or challenging format.

The Oxygen Training team also provides “knowledge nuggets” via its Learning Management System to keep our customers current on technological advancements that address cybercriminals’ latest nefarious tactics. We’ve heard that our users appreciate having quick access to product tips and updates from a source they trust.

“People ask for the 5-minute nugget,” said Keith. “If the nugget gets big enough, we’ll update a module or add a class.” The goal is always to make mastery of the products more easily attainable.

Flexibility + predictability

At Oxygen Forensics, we want every customer to work smarter, not harder. With full-access on-demand education, users are more apt to adopt and retain their technology at the cost of nothing more than their maintenance and support fee.

By mitigating the training-related pain points of time, travel, and cost, we’re clearing the way for Investigations and Analysts to not only «work smarter, not harder», but to continue the quest for Subject Matter Expertise.

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