Stop Eating Soup With a Fork - Empowering our Customers with Knowledge.

September 05, 2023

The tactics at the foundation of forensic investigations change frequently. Investigators need one ear to the ground and an eye to the future to be ready to handle all of the new and enhanced artifacts, devices, and technologies that can hold potential evidence.

We’re committed to ensuring customers stay on the cutting edge of these changes. Starting this month, all Oxygen Forensics customers will have full access to on-demand education for the duration of their software maintenance and support package. Education will be covered automatically with a new purchase and subsequent renewal, with license fees structured accordingly.

On-demand education both enhances seasoned forensics practitioners’ knowledge and teaches a new generation of practitioners how to conduct the most thorough investigations.

Our vast course catalog empowers our customers to know fully how to work a unique case,” said CEO Lee Reiber. “Otherwise, it’s like eating soup with a fork. If you have done it your entire life and no one tells you there is a better way, you will continue to eat with a fork. We want to make sure all of our customers use a spoon.”

Know how can make all the difference for customers by empowering them to expeditiously find the critical evidence they need, Reiber noted. By moving to an on-demand approach, customers allow their seasoned practitioners to zero in on key concepts to enhance their skills while giving those new to the profession access to the gamut. All users will be able to use Oxygen Forensics’ software to its fullest potential.

The company’s world-class training is developed by widely recognized instructors. Reiber himself has run hundreds of sessions. As an instructor, “the goal is always to have every customer walk away learning at least one thing new, no matter how many years the person had been doing digital investigations,” he said.

Customers can choose from a variety of on-demand courses ranging from Oxygen Forensic® Boot Camp to Oxygen Forensic® Advanced Analysis, with a host of topics at every level in between. All courses are designed to help users stay up to date on the field of digital forensic investigations, as well as apply new tools and features available in each new release.

“Full access to on-demand education will be available to customers for both new purchases and renewals,” noted Reiber. “By utilizing our training catalog, they can explore and understand both new and past changes in our software, as well as innovations in the broader digital landscape.”

Customers are invited to check out the Oxygen Forensics Training Events page to learn more about the levels of learning and courses and to log in to the Learning Management System to register for on-demand training.

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