Indiana Sheriff’s Office Use Oxygen Forensic® Detective to Solve Child Exploitation Case

Ty Hanni, the Sheriff’s Deputy at Adams County Sheriff’s Office Detention Center, has been using Oxygen Forensic® Detective for 8 years.

Deputy Hanni’s department decided to start using Oxygen Forensic®Detective when they began getting requests to investigate cell phones and other smart devices. They then began looking for a company that offered an all-in-one software solution.

I was looking for a company that was successful getting into all types of devices, no matter the manufacture, and even more important to us, was a company that would stand behind their product and provides excellent support when needed.

We found everything on our wish list from Oxygen Forensics. Oxygen Forensics software was already doing exactly what we needed and so much more.

Favorite Features

Department takes on between 10 and 20 digital crimes per year. With each case, Deputy Hanni has had the ability to successfully extract, decode, restore and analyze data from multiple sources with Oxygen Forensic® Detective.

The data that Hanni is able to collect and report, gives him the ability to build a solid case against any perpetrator.

The most satisfying thing about using Oxygen Forensic Detective is when we get a case that we are able to extract a device and create a professional report that is undeniably so strong and so well organized, that the defense can only hope for a plea deal.


Helping Solve More Cases

With the innovative solutions that Oxygen Forensic® Detective offers, Deputy Hanni’s department has been able to successfully close many cases involving digital evidence, one of those cases being a 2019 child exploitation case.

One of the most impactful cases for me, was back in 2019 when we successfully convicted a sex offense case that was solely, in my opinion, the result of Oxygen Forensic Detective’s software. With Oxygen we were able to process 8 phones, 2 tablets, 2 SD cards, 1 USB drive and 1 smartwatch that the defendants, a husband and wife, were using to exploit their own children.

These convictions took two child predators off of the streets, behind bars and on the violent sex offense registry for the rest of their lives, preventing them from victimizing any more children.

Oxygen Forensic Detective was key in this case due to the multiple devices we were able to get into as well as Oxygen’s ability to take all of the devices and create a multi-layered report that was key to the successful outcome of this case.”

Continued Innovation

At Oxygen Forensics we make sure that our software is able to extract and analyze digital evidence from all data sources that could potentially be used to commit crimes. Our engineers are constantly innovating to make sure our software can acquire devices and services as soon as they hit the market, and Deputy Ty Hanni agrees.

Oxygen continues to update and keep up with all the new devices that are coming out nearly every day. I can only imagine the magnitude of this undertaking, but Oxygen is, not only keeping up with the global phone market but excelling at it as well.

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