Get More From Storage Apps

With cloud storage, life has never been easier. Storage apps allow users to store files, folders, images, documents, and more, by freeing up space on devices.

In some cases, valuable evidence can be found in one of the storage apps.

Having the ability to extract data from storage apps can be beneficial in preventing a crime as well as piecing together an investigation. Dropbox alone has over 700 million users.

Data Storage Apps in Oxygen Forensic® Detective

Oxygen Forensic® Detective allows investigators to extract data info, files, folders, timestamps, and more. Data storage apps is one of the many apps that are supported in  our all-in-one solution.

To extract data from storage applications installed on PCs, investigators would need to use Oxygen Forensic® KeyScout, which is available in the Oxygen Forensic® Detective suite.

To launch it, open the Home screen of Oxygen Forensic® Detective and select Oxygen Forensic® KeyScout. The program can be copied to a removable media that is to be inserted on a PC under investigation or launched on the target PC.

Opening up Oxygen Forensic® KeyScout on the Oxygen Forensic® Detective dashboard to extract storage app data

New Features

OneDrive Support

In Oxygen Forensic® Detective v.14.5, there is now support for OneDrive. OneDrive data can be extracted from PCs operated on Windows and macOS.

After data is extracted and parsed, the following can be displayed and analyzed:

  • Accounts
  • General informationFiles
  • General informationFolders
  • Downloads
  • Cache files

Data extracted from OneDrive in Oxygen Forensic® KeyScout


Other storage services supported in Oxygen Forensic® KeyScout are:

  • Amazon photos (Windows, macOS, Linux)
  • Dropbox (Windows, macOS)
  • Google Backup and Sync (Windows, macOS)
  • Google Drive (Windows, macOS)
  • JioCloud (Windows)
  • iCloud Drive (Windows, macOS)
  • iCloud for Windows



Data storage apps are used by both PC and mobile device users. They help free up space as well as hide sensitive files, photos, videos, and more. Knowing this, Oxygen Forensics continues to innovate to make sure we have the tools to extract data from the latest ever-growing data storage applications.

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