Hunted, UK Reality TV Show, Uses Oxygen Forensic® Detective to Hunt Contestants.

abril 26, 2023

The Cyber Team at Hunted uses Oxygen Forensic® Detective to capture contestants through digital forensic investigations.

Hunted and Celebrity Hunted is a reality TV show where 14 individuals attempt to evade capture by a team of expert “Hunters” made from various investigative professionals: police officers, military personnel, and digital forensic experts.

The investigators are provided with powers equivalent to those seen in operations of government organizations, including warrant searches, bugging, interviews, and the right to perform digital forensic investigation on the fugitives, as well as any individuals that are deemed to have aided in the ongoing evasion of the “Hunters.”

Oxygen Forensics and Hunted partnered to provide Hunted’s Cyber Team with our all-in-one solution, Oxygen Forensic® Detective.

Digital Forensics on Hunted

The type of digital forensic investigations that the “Hunters” perform are on the contestants’ phones and PCs, searching for actions like active compromise (and subsequent monitoring) of social media and email accounts, phishing attacks, and active interception of any communications.

Using Oxygen Forensic® Detective on Hunted

Doug and Sophia, part of the Hunted Cyber Team, have worked with Oxygen Forensic® Detective for the past year while filming the show.

“Immediately, the team were able to identify multiple areas where Oxygen’s product was vastly superior to use in a high-pressure, fast-changing environment. This included software stability, ease of use (including the new software to allow analysts to query processed output) and the ability for multiple operators to multi-task the workload.”

Spotting Patterns and Proactive Monitoring

The Cyber Team also pointed out the vast ability of Oxygen Forensic® Detective’s primary features. These features helped identify communication and search history patterns of contestants before they began the contest. These findings were then used to easily monitor contestants throughout the competition and help aid the “Hunters” in capture.

“Oxygen’s primary features (such as facial recognition, metadata location mapping and communication graphs) were key elements in being able to produce actionable intelligence in time to help apprehend the contestants. Allowing disjoint data points to be brought together to spot patterns greatly assisted in identifying individuals of interest before they came into the game and allowed for proactive monitoring to be put in place to capture key intercepts, while the traditional forensics capabilities provided the opportunity for data discovery, such as deleted communications between two parties to be tied to map searches within browser histories, to produce relevant lines of new investigation.”

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