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Oxygen Corporate Explorer.

Oxygen Corporate Explorer helps users find critical digital evidence quickly and completely, using targeted, remote and onsite data collection, task scheduling for automatic collection, and powerful search and analytic tools.

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How does it work?

Oxygen Corporate Explorer, created specifically for corporations and private organizations, empowers users to find critical evidence quickly and completely using customizable data collection from remote workstations, cloud services, and mobile and IoT devices. This innovative digital forensics solution facilitates task scheduling for automatic collection, deep analysis, and flexible reporting to drive investigations forward.

The Benefits.

Complete, Secure Data Access

Delivers complete, clearly structured data, even from remote devices and cloud services.

Powerful Search and Analysis

Global search over a single device, multiple devices, an entire case, or multiple extractions in a single interface.

Increased Time and Cost Savings

Speeds time to resolution by enabling remote and scheduled digital data collection and key evidence identification.

Superior Customer Focus

Offers responsive support and proactive, innovative technology enhancements to meet customers’ needs.

Expand your knowledge.

With the purchase or renewal of your software maintenance and support for Oxygen Analytic Center, you will receive an All-Access Pass allowing you to receive standard training to expand your skill set and maximize the use of this solution.

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Key Product Features.

The features and tools offered by Oxygen Corporate Explorer allow you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your investigations with powerful onsite and remote data collections and advanced analytic tools.


Data Collection

Collect data from onsite and remote computers, running Windows, Linux, and macOS, from mobile and IoT devices, and from over 100 cloud sources, including WhatsApp, Slack, Chatwork, Zoom, LinkedIn, Outlook Mail, Dropbox, Amazon EC2 and S3, iCloud, Google.


Manual and scheduled remote extractions

Agent Management Center enables deployment, provisioning, and control of agents, including our best-in-class artifact hunter, Oxygen Corporate KeyScout, to conduct targeted, granular collection of data.


Search and Analysis

Easily search and analyze data of a single device, multiple devices, an entire case, or multiple extractions in a single interface. Choose from a variety of analytic tools: Timeline, Maps, Image Categorization, OCR, Social Graph, and many more.


Reports and Exports

Create reports that are highly customizable and can include a single device, several devices, several sections, or even selected records. Then, users can export these reports to PDF, RTF, XLS, XML, HTML as well as into Relativity, JSON, and many other formats.

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