Advanced Analytics: Facial Categorization

Oxygen Forensic® Detective offers a built-in facial categorization module. Faces wearing masks or sunglasses can be correctly detected on images extracted from mobile devices, cloud services, or computers. Users can then create face sets to make searching for faces in extracted evidence easier.

In Oxygen Forensic® Detective v.15.0, we’ve enhanced our facial categorization engine by adding the ability to create a multi-thread categorization and the ability to create face sets from extracted videos.


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Multi-thread categorization

Now a multi-thread facial categorization is available. Investigators can significantly speed up the facial categorization process by using both CPU and GPU of their lab computer.

To set a number of threads, go to the “Advanced analytics” tab in the “Options” menu, located in the top right corner of the home screen of Oxygen Forensic® Detective.


Screenshot of the Advanced analytics setting in the Options menu in Oxygen Forensic® Detective

Below investigators can find the comparison that we’ve done on our different types of computers.

Chart that shows the speed of facial categorization in Oxygen Forensic® Detective


Adding faces from video frames to face sets

The “Files” section offers the convenient ability to view extracted videos automatically split into frames. Now investigators can add faces from these video frames to face sets by simply clicking on the face and selecting the “Add to face sets” option in the context menu.


Screenshot of adding a face to a face set from an extracted video


Once a face is added to a face set, investigators can use it to run searches in the “Search” section.


Screenshot of a face being searched based on the face set created by the user.


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