Innovative data recovery

At Oxygen Forensics, we are set on providing our users with solutions that not only meet their expectations but exceed them. This motivates us to always keep improving our software.

In our latest release, Oxygen Forensic® Detective v.14.0, we made significant upgrades to our deleted data recovery engine. Whereas the interface remains the same, the technical side beneath it has improved drastically.

Here are the improvements presented in our latest update:

  1. Less noise – There will be fewer duplicated records, allowing investigators to save time by not deleting duplicates and focusing on the more relevant data.
  2. Larger files – Application data from SQLite databases* bigger than 2GB is now recovered correctly. Previously, data from databases of such size were restored partially or not restored at all.
  3. Faster processing – Data recovery speed is now faster than in previous versions of the software.

*Please note that SQLite database recovery settings vary from default SQLite Viewer recovery settings due to the existing filtering on the application level.

Take a look at these graphs to gain more insight into exactly how much our functions have improved:

The import speed with data recovery enabled comparing to the previous version of Oxygen Forensic® Detective

Overall, the import speed in Oxygen Forensic® Detective v.14.0 is 34% faster than the import speed included in version 13.7. Furthermore, applications parsing time with deleted record recovery has dropped by 50%.

Deleted valid records recovered per app comparing to the previous version of Oxygen Forensic® Detective

Now, the number of valid records extracted from Facebook has increased tenfold! Over 2xmore valid records can be recovered from LinkedIn and Viber, and nearly 1.5x more from the Default Web Browser.

Fighting garbage data and duplicates comparing to the previous version of Oxygen Forensic® Detective

With the new data recovery mechanism, the number of duplicates and garbage records within an extraction has dropped significantly, reducing the time it takes to go through the extracted data. Refer to this graph for more specific information.

Try this feature after installing the new version of Oxygen Forensic® Detective and share your experience with us!