Working Remote: Solutions for Digital Evidence Analysis .

July 19, 2023

Over 22 million people work from home in the U.S. Oxygen Analytic Center is a solution for Digital Evidence Analysts who also want to be able to review case data remotely.

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The rise of remote work has forced us to adapt and find new ways to continue our work. As we adjusted our workflow, we discovered the numerous benefits of remote work, such as increased flexibility, and reduced commuting time that led to significant cost savings.

Advantages of Remote Evidence Analysis

Just in the United States alone,  22 million people work from home. Given the growth of remote work, it’s worth considering the application of this approach to jobs like digital evidence analysis.

Working remotely with digital evidence could offer unique advantages.

  • Users could view evidence anywhere, at any time
  • Could help accelerate the investigation
  • Reduced costs

View evidence anywhere, at any time

Working remotely on digital evidence analysis would enable professionals to access and review evidence from anywhere, at any time. This flexibility could facilitate collaboration among experts located in different offices or regions.

Accelerates the investigation

Using a collaborative solution for evidence analysis can significantly accelerate investigations by eliminating the need to wait for each team member to complete their individual tasks.

Reduced costs

Remote work could reduce costs. By utilizing a secure online platform, professionals can eliminate the necessity of physically transferring digital evidence on drives, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process. Storing data in a secure cloud environment is already a trend.

The Solution? Oxygen Analytic Center

With all of these benefits in mind, we’ve developed Oxygen Analytic Center. This solution simplifies the investigative and eDiscovery processes by enabling real-time collaborative review and analysis within and across teams.

There are two principal questions that might pop up in relation to online evidence analysis – is it secure and why do I need it?

How It Works

Oxygen Analytic Center ensures secure remote access to digital evidence. It is a browser-based solution with evidence sets stored in your cloud or on your local server behind your firewall, protected by security protocols. You configure these security settings yourself to guarantee secure access.

Inside the software, the admin creates users and assigns various access levels to them. Only authorized users will have access to the evidence. You can also monitor all user activity in detailed logs.

Processing and Analytic Capabilities

Oxygen Analytic Center offers in-depth collaborative analysis of huge volumes of digital evidence. While manual analysis may take hours, with the help of our analytic tools, you can expect to receive results within minutes. The built-in modules include:

  • Keyword statistics
  • Similar data analysis (files, chats)
  • Event analysis
  • Integrated AI (facial and image categorization, OCR)
  • Location analysis
  • Advanced search
  • Classifying evidence with tags

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