About Oxygen Analytic Center v.1 Updates.

March 05, 2024

Oxygen Analytic Center enables real-time, browser-based collaborative data review and analysis — any time, anywhere — so investigators, team members, and eDiscovery professionals can resolve cases faster and more efficiently.

For a full list of updates, refer to the “What’s New” file in Oxygen Analytic Center.

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Oxygen Analytic Center v.1.2

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This update includes the following key features:

  • Face Search section
  • Custom user profiles
  • Device-level access rights

Analytic Tools Updates

Face Search section

The new Face Search section allows you to search for faces in extractions. First, you need to upload photos containing faces in the Face Library available in the Tools menu. Photos in the Face Library can be stored either in private folders, available to you only, or common folders that will be available to every user who has access to this section.

Once the Face Library is created, go to the Face Search section, select a face from the folder, and run the search in all or selected extractions.

User Settings Updates

Custom user profiles

We added the ability to create a user profile with custom settings. Now you can customize access permissions limiting them to specific sections and actions for every user.

Clicking the Role Manager button on the Users panel, the Admin can create a custom role with the set of required access rights. When creating a user later, the Admin can either choose one of the default roles or the created custom one. The custom role feature will save time while ensuring access flexibility.

Report Updates

Reports from the Devices and Cases sections

We added a Create report button to the Devices and Cases sections. You can now generate reports directly from these two sections.

Oxygen Analytic Center v.1.1

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This update includes the following key features:

  • Data search with Elasticsearch
  • Watchlists
  • Social Connections Analysis
  • Similar Faces Analysis

Data search with Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is a search engine that provides a multi-tenant-capable full-text search engine. In Oxygen Analytic Center v.1.1, we enabled data search using logical operators (AND, OR, NOT). This powerful analytical tool displays search results immediately. Use this tool to search data in various sections and fields in Oxygen Analytic Center.


Quickly detect the right evidence with the new Watchlist feature in Oxygen Analytic Center v.1.1. Create custom Watchlists to target specific key words within an imported extraction. Once a Watchlist is added and indexed, you will receive a notification when a key word is found.

Social Connections Analysis

We added the ability to analyze social connections using the Social Graph section. You can now quickly determine with whom and when a device or account owner communicated. You can also open and view all the communications of any contact on the Social Graph. Currently, a Social Graph can only be built for one extraction (not a group of extractions).

Similar Faces Analysis

Find similar faces with Oxygen Analytic Center v.1.1. Files with faces will be analyzed and shown in a grid. This tool can be found in the Matches section under the Facial Categorization option located on the left sidebar.

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Oxygen Analytic Center v.1.0

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Any time, anywhere remote work

Give multiple users simultaneous access to their assigned dataset, so everyone on the case can maximize their productivity. All that’s needed is permission and a compatible web browser.

Secure role-based data access    

Establish access rights and work with evidence sets stored in the cloud or on a local server
behind your firewall, protected by your security protocols. Monitor all user activity in detailed logs.

Support for broad-based evidence sets

Import and analyze extractions made with Oxygen Forensic® Detective, third-party forensic tools, and PST/OST files. View mobile, cloud, computer, and drone data in one place to see the complete picture of a case.

Advanced analytics

Oxygen Analytic Center allows you to leverage advanced analytics to quickly find the right piece of evidence among volumes of data.

Keyword statistics

Quickly gain insights into keyword use and formulate a hypothesis about your case with the Text Analyzer section. Found words from pre-installed dictionaries (Drugs, Guns, Organized Crime, Money Laundering, Trafficking) are displayed. Custom dictionaries can also be uploaded.

Similar data analysis

Significantly decrease manual analysis time when you use the unique
Matches section to quickly find similar contacts, accounts, files, emails,
and chats in one or more extractions.

Event analysis

Analyze all case communications and contacts in a single view using the
Workspace section. Find the right piece of evidence fast with available filters on more than 20 criteria: text, hash sets, regular expressions, tags, time, location, language, phone number, email address, IP address, EXIF, deleted data, and more. Save configured filters to templates for use in future cases.

Integrated AI

​​Quickly ​detect, categorize, and find similar faces​ and images using the built-in Facial Categorization and Image Categorization tools. ​Coming soon: OCR; in the interim import recognized texts from ​Oxygen Forensic® Detective.

Location analysis

Easily determine where the subject was at a particular point in time. Analyze
location data from multiple sources, such as media files and geo coordinates from different applications. Advanced filtering lets you drill down to the required location and the time data. Maps can be downloaded for use offline.

Advanced search

Find the content of interest in text files and other communications using our robust keyword search. Run even deeper searches by applying multiple criteria by text, exact phrase, regular expression, direction, and more.

Classifying evidence

Mark data as Key Evidence and set a tag by choosing from a default list or by adding your own. By default, a choice of 20 tags include Alcohol, Currency, Document, Drugs, ID or Credit Card, Nudity, Vehicles, Weapons, and more.

Tailored reports

Customize your report to meet your specific needs and export all or selected data to a variety of formats: PDF, HTML, XML, XLSX, CSV, TSV, and RSMF.

Recommended system requirements:

  • The server part of Oxygen Analytic Center is compatible with Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard or newer.
  • The client part of Oxygen Analytic Center runs in Google Chrome (version 90 or newer), Mozilla Firefox (version 90 or newer), and other web browsers. Google Chrome is recommended for optimal experience.

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