Better cost efficiency using perpetual licensing.

March 11, 2024

Perpetual forensics software licensing can save money over subscription models.

The cost of digital forensic investigations is increasing dramatically with some law enforcement and enterprises quoting subscription software models as multiplying “ten-fold” in recent years. While some have been swayed to try subscription forensics software services, the trend is showing signs of reversing. The cost of adding more subscription services at higher prices while still struggling to reduce backlogs is causing investigators to pivot back to perpetual licensed software.

What is perpetual software licensing?

Perpetual software licensing is a licensing model in which the user pays a one-time fee to use the software indefinitely. By purchasing the software, the user typically owns the right to use its capabilities as they are when purchased for as long as desired.

Benefits of perpetual software license

The benefits of perpetual licensed forensic software not only help bring costs under control, but extend to flexibility, service, security, compliance, and support.

  1. Steady ownership with one-time fee – Perpetual license holders immediately own the software for an indefinite period. Costs remain steady without recurring or increased subscription fees.
  2. Long-term cost savings – The cost-effectiveness of perpetual licensed software can increase along with your time as an “owner.” The longer you own a perpetual license, the better your savings.
  3. Better budgeting – Budgeting is more predictable with one-time costs of perpetual licenses rather than possible fluctuating subscription fees.
  4. Value enhanced through depreciation – The value of a perpetual license can potentially be recovered through depreciation in your asset management system over time.
  5. Ease of resources – Planning and deployment of resources are eased with steady, predictable perpetual licensed software.
  6. Improved flexibility – Upon purchase of a perpetual license, owners can typically use the software on their own terms without the disruption of access restrictions or mounting continuous payments.
  7. Service without disruption – There are no missed payments or subscription renewals with perpetual licensing. Licensees can continue to own and use the software without disruption.
  8. Maintain data control – Licenses providing never-ending rights to use the software also deliver investigators ongoing control over data.
  9. Better security and compliance – Perpetual forensic software licenses can provide investigators with better control over software updates and security patches. Users can better control when and how to implement updates without having their hands tied by subscription support terms.
  10. More long-term support and compliance options – Perpetual licenses often offer long-term support providing assistance, updates, and patches for an extended period of time allowing investigators to remain effective and compliant with evolving regulations and standards.

Perpetual license model versus subscription license model

Key differences between a subscription license model compared to a perpetual license model include:

  • Cost structure – Perpetual licenses typically involve a one-time payment, whereas subscription licenses require ongoing payments.
  • Ownership – The customer owns the right to use the perpetual licensed software indefinitely. In most subscription models, the customer does not own the software. The software is essentially leased for the term of a subscription.
  • Flexibility – Perpetual licenses offer the advantage of a one-time payment and in some cases additional payments for updates and support. Subscriptions models offer some flexibility in scale.
  • Predictability – Perpetual licenses often offer one-time payments which may include additional support and maintenance. Subscription models offer similar payments on a timely basis with the exception of subscription increases.

Perpetual licensed forensic software saves money and time

The benefits of simple-to-use perpetual licensed forensic software can help investigators control the bottom-line costs of investigations and streamline their efficiency for better outcomes and fewer backlogs. Perpetual licenses offering uninterrupted ownership, control over data, improve resources needed to get more out of your resources.

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