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March 12, 2020

Testimonial by Detective Stephen Lipscomb

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I have been using Oxygen Forensic Detective for almost two years now. During my time using the software, I have had the occasion to provide inculpatory evidence on numerous cases, some of which rely solely on the digital evidence obtained from mobile devices. Without Oxygen, the evidence would have never been discovered. I currently run GrayKey and use Oxygen as my primary software to analyze extractions. I would like to share a few instances where Oxygen was used during criminal investigations, to identify suspects, where it would have been otherwise been impossible.

In December 2020, I received a suspect iPhone 8, relative to a homicide that occurred in my Parish. Upon gaining access, I began viewing the extraction with Oxygen, at which time I discovered numerous text messages from the device to another number, stating, “Im sittin up waiting on him”. The software provided the date and time the message was sent, so I opened the timeline map and was able to place the device within a half a block of the murder scene, several hours before the incident; hence, sitting up waiting on the victim to arrive home.

I then began analyzing the timeline up until the shooting occurred, as well as minutes after. Using the timeline feature allowed me to place the device literally on the victim’s doorstep at the time of the shooting, followed by numerous GPS pings down an alley A, B, C, D, E in which the suspect ran before catching a ride out of the wooded area used for hiding until that ride. F, G The shooting occurred between 12:45am and 1:10am

Numerous text messages were starred as key evidence during that case which provided enough probable cause for an arrest warrant. The ONLY evidence in the case was the digital evidence recovered from the suspect’s cell phone by using Oxygen Forensic Detective. In fact, the evidence was so compelling, the case was presented before a grand jury by the District Attorney, at which time they returned a true bill of indictment. Without Detective, I am convinced the case would have gone unsolved.

More recently, I received a locked iPhone XR relative to a narcotic trafficking case. Upon gaining entry to the device, I began analyzing the data at which time I discovered a video taken with the phone, of a shooting that occurred at a state university on October 16, 2021. The device was in fact at the location of the shooting at the time it occurred, proven by using the maps in the software.

Upon notifying the State Police who were working the case, they stated that it was the best video they had of the incident and was a huge break in their case.

I use Detective daily and find it to be the most user-friendly mobile forensic software available and contains so many different tools built inside. I especially like the way any piece of data can be starred as key evidence, along with the option to add/create tags, as well as type notes. It then adds all the evidence I star to the key evidence section, separated by the type, which is beneficial when building a high-profile case that must be presented to a jury. I have also conducted up to six extractions at once using the software, which is not possible with other leading software on the market. I wouldn’t want to use any other tool to conduct my investigations and firmly believe that Oxygen Forensic Detective is in a league of its own.

About the Reviewer
I have been a Police Officer for 17 years, working in different aspects of the job. I came to the digital forensics/cyber crime unit almost two years ago and find it to be what I enjoy doing best. We have analyzed over 200 phones this year as well as numerous computer hard drives (which appear to be making a “comeback”). Without OFD, our unit would not be able to function and we will continue to utilize it. The Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office is a full-service law enforcement agency, providing a full range of police services including patrol, traffic enforcement, criminal investigations, as well as all civil and tax collection duties.