Analysis of Samsung Customization Service in Oxygen Forensic® Detective.

May 31, 2023

What is Samsung Customization Services? Extract and analyze user information stored by Samsung Customization Service.

Samsung Customization service app logo on a circle in a navy background

What is Samsung Customization Service?

Samsung Customization Service, sometimes called Samsung Rubin, is designed to provide users with customized content and recommendations by a Samsung device predicting their desires and needs. To do this, the service analyzes and stores user information which it clearly states on its website.

This information includes:

  • Device information
  • Information about music and photos
  • Contacts and communications data
  • Calendar information
  • Internet browsing history
  • Locations information
  • Samsung Account, My Profile, and Samsung Services Data
  • Information related to connected third-party apps and services

Extract and Parse Samsung Customization Service Information 

All the information stored by the Customization Service app can be extracted and parsed in Oxygen Forensic® Detective v.15.5 and up.

Access to the Android Keystore is required to decrypt Samsung Customization Service data. You should use either our advanced extraction methods or Full File System extraction.

The data set will include the following categories:

  • Account
  • Applications usage history
  • Places
  • Locations history
  • Motion history
  • Web history
  • Search history
  • Wi-Fi connections history
  • Settings
  • Notifications
  • Events logs


Screenshot of parsed data from Samsung Customization Service on a Samsung device
Samsung Customization Service (Samsung Rubin) parsed in Oxygen Forensic® Detective

This information can be crucial in many digital forensic investigations as this service collects a large amount of user activity that shows which places a device owner visited, which web sites were browsed, what search queries were entered, when a device owner was moving, when a device screen was on or off, and other valuable evidence.

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