Wondershare backup import in Oxygen Forensic® Detective

In Oxygen Forensic® Detective v.14.6 we’ve added the ability to import and parse WonderShare MobileGo and MobileTrans backups made from Apple iOS and Android devices.

What is Wondershare?

Wondershare Technology Group is a China-based company that develops a wide range of software including utilities for mobile devices. One of the utility software being MobileGo.

MobileGo is a previous version of the MobileTrans utility that allows creation of data backups from mobile devices. These backups contain over 18 types of data including messages, contacts, photos, and more.

Our software supports parsing both of MobileGo and MobileTrans backups.

Importing Wondershare Backup in Oxygen Forensic® Detective

To import a Wondershare backup, investigators should choose the relevant option under the “Third party extractions”.

Import options in Oxygen Forensic® Detective with “Third Party Extractions” highlighted

Once a backup is imported, investigators will see the following data parsed in Oxygen Forensic® Detective:

  • account information
  • contacts
  • event log
  • calendars
  • other available artifacts

Viewing a Wondershare backup import in Oxygen Forensic® Detective after the import


Besides a Wondershare backup, Oxygen Forensic® Detective supports import and parsing of many other backup and images types to include GrayKey extractions, iTunes, Huawei, and Samsung Switch backups, Warrant Returns, etc.

If you are interested in trying this functionality, contact us for a free trial.