Top Software Updates in 2023.

diciembre 18, 2023

Check out the updates we’ve made to flagship solution, Oxygen Forensic® Detective and how we have expanded our digital forensic tools that helps investigators dive deeper into digital forensic data in 2023.

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As we approach the end of the year, we would like to recap the notable progress we’ve achieved in 2023. This period has been pivotal for our company, marked by the introduction of two new products, Oxygen Analytic Center and Oxygen Corporate Explorer, and ongoing improvements to our flagship solution, Oxygen Forensic® Detective.

The launch of Oxygen Analytic Center

Oxygen Analytic Center enables real-time, browser-based collaborative data review and analysis — any time, anywhere — so investigators and eDiscovery professionals can resolve cases faster and more efficiently.

The key features of this product include but are not limited to:

  • Social links analysis
  • Search for similar data across extractions
  • Advanced search including ElasticSearch
  • Text Analyzer
  • Watch lists
  • Geo data mapping
  • Comprehensive data reports

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Oxygen Analytic Center data analysis function
Similar data analysis


The launch of Oxygen Corporate Explorer

Oxygen Corporate Explorer helps users find critical digital evidence quickly and completely, using targeted, remote, and onsite data collection, task scheduling for automatic collection, and powerful search and analytic tools.

The key features of this product include but are not limited to:

  • Live and remote extraction of Apple iOS and Android devices
  • Live and remote extraction of Windows, macOS, and Linux computers
  • Extraction of corporate cloud services
  • Data analysis that includes Timeline, Social Graph, OCR, Image Categorization, and many others
  • Comprehensive data reports

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Oxygen Corporate Explorer Agent Management Center for remote device collection
The Agent Management Center for remote device collection


Oxygen Forensic® Detective Updates

We made important updates to Oxygen Forensic® Detective in 2023 – Mobile, Cloud, Computer, Import, and Analysis.

Mobile Data Extraction

This year we enhanced our extraction methods to allow investigators increased access to evidence from mobile devices. Also, support for MTK-based and UNISOC-based devices having FBE has been significantly extended.

Moreover, we enhanced the FFS method for Android devices that is now compatible with devices with the Security Patch Level (SPL) no later than October 2022. Our APK Downgrade method now supports Android devices with versions 5 to 13 and is compatible with many more popular applications.

As for the iOS support, we enhanced the iOS Agent approach that allows full file system and keychain extraction from a wide variety of iPhones and iPads.

Cloud Data Extraction

This year we focused on enhancing the support for our 105 supported cloud services and introduced support for new services:

Computer Artifacts

One of the company’s breakthroughs is our own brute force module for encrypted partitions, files, and applications. Using Oxygen Forensic® KeyDiver, you can find passcodes to decrypt encrypted partitions, files, and applications:

  • partitions protected with BitLocker
  • partitions protected with FileVault 2
  • encrypted ZIP files
  • passcode-locked Telegram app
  • encrypted Apple Notes

The list of supported partitions and applications continues to grow. You can create an attack method using a dictionary, a mask, or the user’s personal data from extraction. Like all the other modules, it is available at no additional charge to all licensed users.


Screenshot of Oxygen Forensic® KeyDiver Dasboard
Oxygen Forensic® KeyDiver for passcode brute force


We also added the ability to decrypt partitions using Bitlocker and VeraCrypt keys.

Moreover, deleted data recovery for NTFS as well as from FAT16, FAT32, and exFAT file systems has been implemented.

Finally, the number of supported user and system artifacts for Windows, macOS, and Linux has been significantly increased.

Data Import

This year we added many new evidence sources to our toolkit:

Data Analysis

The greatest enhancement in data analysis is the addition of an integrated translation tool. It supports 20 language pairs and allows translation of messages in the Applications, Messages, and Timeline sections. Translated messages can be also exported to data reports.

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