Role-based access to Oxygen Analytic Center

Oxygen Analytic Center is designed to provide robust security measures to your extracted digital evidence. The implemented user hierarchy guarantees that users only have access to the data with which they are explicitly authorized to work.

User Hierarchy

Oxygen Analytic Center provides a user hierarchy in which different users have different rights.

There are four (4) default roles:

  1. Admin – The Administrator is the only user who can manage other users including:
    1. Creating and deleting users.
    2. Changing users’ level of access.
    3. Creating and deleting departments.
    4. Adding and removing users from departments.
  2. Case administrator – The Case administrator has Admin rights on the case level:
    1. Deleting cases and devices.
    2. Creating, editing, and deleting types of incidents (e.g. bribery, cyber crime) and geographical regions (e.g. Texas).
  3. Reviewer – The Reviewer has the ability to upload, review, and analyze data, and has permissions to create and generate reports.
  4. Uploader – The Uploader has permissions to import devices, cases, and view the list of cases they imported.

Create Custom User Roles

Because custom roles may be necessary, Oxygen Analytic Center allows the creation of user roles for specific sections, such as Maps, Face Search, Files and more, and the assignment of actions, including viewing, importing, deleting, and other actions.

Clicking the Role Manager button on the Users panel allows the Admin to create a custom role with the set of required access rights. Later, when creating a user, the Admin can either choose one of the default roles or the created custom user. The custom role feature will save time while ensuring access flexibility.

Screenshot of creating a new user in Oxygen Analytic Center and choosing the permissions for the custom user profile
A Matrix of Custom User Permissions

Oxygen Analytic Center’s role-based permissions, in addition to our other built-in features, such as device-level access rights and comprehensive user logs, ensures that users can only engage with data for which they have explicit authorization. In addition, all user’s actions are recorded.

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